Jean French Turner

Landscape Oil Paintings of the Carolinas -Mountains, Marshes, Seascapes, Clouds   

POrtfolio of sold Paintings

                                                                       20x36 Commission

                  Commission 30x48

                                                    Commission- 30 x48

                   Commission painting  30 x 48

                                                                   Commission 30x48

                                                                  Commission 36x36

                                                                   Commission 4'x 6'

                                                                   Commission 18x24

                                                                Commission 24 x 36

Hello and welcome!

 I paint minimalist landscapes with oils on deep gallery-wrapped canvas (wired and ready to hang), My technique involves glazing with thin multiple layers of paint- each layer must dry before adding another layer to allow the luminous soft quality to appear. I usually work on several paintings at one time because of the drying time involved.

I have some of my works for sale at the ArtSHAK and also sell from from my studio- popular  sizes are 24x48, 24x36,  36x36, 30x48  etc. 

Tip for your new painting: add gallery lighting or hang below soft can lighting

Thanks to the UK based

Several of my paintings have been featured on their website in the past.

A very large thank you to my growing number of clients for your continued support and for your positive comments!

From a new visitor to my site just recently:

"These paintings have feelings! " Paula C.